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The essential subscription for your companion.

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Subscribe and ride with your companion by your side

Benefit from enhanced security features, including round-the-clock live view operator support, dual-facing cameras, a wireless SOS button, built-in GPS for real-time vehicle tracking, and seamless video upload to the cloud from anywhere via LTE connectivity.

Subscription is required.

The RideCare companion system is a safety enhancement. It cannot guarantee the safety of drivers or passengers. Even when using the RideCare companion, drivers should exercise good judgment in dealing with passengers and in dangerous situations. RideCare companion does not affect the driver’s vehicle. Drivers are responsible for driving in a safe manner.

To use RideCare companion, a subscription is required. Please note that the subscription is sold separately. For pricing and detailed information, please visit

The RideCare companion subscription include 2GB of LTE data plan.

The driver must be in an area with sufficient network and excepts periods in which cloud servers are unavailable.